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Welcome to Outlaw Diesel. We are your one-stop-shop specializing in diesel performance truck parts, full size truck lighting, and saving you money!

If you are out to build a high performance racing truck, a high endurance high MPG towing truck, or a well maintained daily driver truck; look no further! Contact us if you have any questions, don't see something your looking for, or want to build a package and save $$$.

We also travel to about 30 events a year, where you can get extra good deals and ask us questions in person. We are happy to demo our train horn for anyone who asks and to scare a few who don't!

We are determined to build a thriving online community of diesel truck enthusiasts. Join our forum to see the latest product releases, awesome truck photos and free advice.

DPF Delete Pipe

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) removes diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of the diesel engine, allowing no visible smoke from the exhaust and hinders your performance and mileage. With a DPF delete, you can fix this problem while adding huge gains in horsepower, torque, and gas mileage.

Browse Flo~Pro, AFE, MBRP, & Diamond Eye DPF Delete Pipes

EGR Delete Kit

The EGR works by recirculating a portion of the engines exhaust gas back to the engines cylinders. This recycled exhaust gas can become dirty, and overtime damage your engine. Eliminating the EGR will generally Provide cooler exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs), Create better/more low end power, Lower coolant temperatures, and Reduced black smoke emission.

Browse Sinister, H&S, & Flo~Pro EGR delete kits.

DPF / EGR Delete Electronics & Programmers

If you delete the DPF and/or the EGR, you will need a either a module or a programmer to operate your truck. These electronics work by clearing the computer errors put in place to prevent your truck from gaining maximum performance. As a bare minimum you will need a module, if you are interested in tuning your truck you will need a programmer.

Browse GearboxZ, H&S, and Spartan DPF / EGR Delete Electronics & Programmers

Cold Air Intake

When it comes to performance, air flow is one of the most important factors. Most diesel trucks come with a restricted air intake stock. Replacing your stock air intake with a cold air intake will provide your truck with cleaner air, more air, cooler air and ultimately improved performance and mileage.

Browse S&B and AFE Cold Air Intakes

Truck Lighting

If you love your truck, you will love these aftermarket lights. Upgrade your headlights to LED or CCFL projectors, your tail lights to LED, even upgrade your third brake light, cab lights, side mirror lights, and dually fender lights to LED. These products perform better, look better, and will last longer than your stock lights.

Browse Recon, Spyder, and MNO truck lighting

Train Horns

Sometimes you just need to be LOUDER! Put a train horn on your truck and get ready to shake the mountains (or piss off your neighbors). We carry a wide range or air compression powered train horns from loud to SUPER LOUD. Installation is not too difficult, and our prices are the best!

Browse HornBlasters Train Horns

H&S Performance AFE Power Flo~Pro Performance Exhaust  

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We look forward to hearing from you, and if your interested in a package, contact us and guarantee to give you a GREAT price.


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